About Us

With the registered name of Employment Art Pvt. Ltd. under the Government of Nepal's duly approved license number 1348/074/075, we were established on 2017. Employment Art Pvt. Ltd. is a human resources management company and a business organization with a motive to generate employment and with infrastructure to fulfill the manpower requirements of clients based abroad. Our multidisciplinary team of human resources specialists excels in consultancy, training and recruiting. Our commitment and planned work combined with the dedicated workforce have achived great success and set up a milestone for other competitors in this field. Our experience and expertise of more than a decade in this field with incomparable service to our clients has become a trademark of our company. For this reason, we are now in association with many renowned and distinguished companies of the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Kuwait, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Malaysia etc. Today, at Employment Art Pvt. Ltd., we boast that we offer our diverse clients the best than the rest services in any area of manpower recruitment and deployment of multi-trade workforce.